Niche Domains Registration & Services | If you have a business, organisation, website or blog that targets a specific audience or demographic, chances are you’ll want to register your website with a domain name that’s relevant and specific to that group. This is known as getting a “niching” of your domain name. It means choosing something more specific and less generic than just having the standard domain name. These types of domains are called “Niche Domains,” and they are the best way for anyone with a business, blog or organisation targeting a specific audience to get the perfect URL for their site. Here we’ll discuss what niche domains are and why they represent the best option for anyone looking to do the same thing.

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Niche Domains

Which Type of Domain Should You Get?

Before we get into the specifics of niche domains, it’s important to make sure you understand the difference between the two general types of domains: Generic Domains and Niche Domains. Generic domains are the most common form of domain names. They are usually made up of single words or combinations of words, such as or Generic domains are popular because they are easy to remember and are open to everyone, meaning you don’t have to have a specific idea or concept in mind before you can get one. Unfortunately, generic domains are also very common. Many people have the exact same idea as you, so there’s a good chance that someone else has already registered your domain name and taken advantage of it before you even thought of it.

The advantages of niche domain names!

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to choose a generic domain name that has been used by hundreds or thousands of other businesses. After all, if you own a beauty salon and your domain name is just “,” anyone who finds that on their search engine may think that it’s the website for any salon, not yours specifically. That’s where niche domains come in. Niche domains are domain names that are more specific and descriptive than generic ones. These domain names usually include the name of your business or organisation as well as one or two words that describe your business, product or service in a way that is more specific and not as common or general as a generic domain name. For example, if you own a beauty salon and want to find the best domain name for your website, you may want to consider something like “” or “” to get the most specific URL for your site. These domain names are more descriptive and specific than a generic domain name like “”

Why Register a Domain through Niche Domains?

There are several excellent reasons why you should consider registering a more specific domain name. While generic domain names are great for people who want to find general information, niche domains can be superior for businesses and organisations. The biggest advantage of niche domains is to make sure that people who are looking for your business or organisation – whether they are current customers, potential customers or others who may be interested in what you do – can easily find your site. 

How to Find a Good Niche Domain

Finding a good niche domain is all about knowing what you want and what your business or organisation offers. You want the domain name to be short, memorable and descriptive, so you have to know exactly what you do and what your website is about. Once you have this information, you can start looking for potential domains. Make sure that the domain name you want is available by typing it into the top bar of your browser. If you don’t see “” or “,” then it’s not available. If it’s not available, you need to act fast and claim it before someone else does.

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Sometimes you need to take step back, right at the start and consider something totally different from a brand & logo point. Sometimes we have found that seperating your self from the start with your brand name, logo design, something a little more random can make you easy to digitally promote and market with regard to visuals to SEO.

Consider reading our post on logo design and what considerations you should make before finalising your business or oganisation name.

Seperate yourself with a Niche Domain

Once you have selected the perfect, relevant and descriptive niche domain for your website, it is important to keep this in mind and make sure that you are setting yourself apart from the crowd. When you’re blogging or running a business online, you’re in a very competitive space. There are thousands of other websites that are also targeting the same audience as you. Your goal should be to get noticed, get attention and be different from all the rest. There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the best is to register a niche domain for your website. A niche domain is a domain name that is specifically related to your website and product or service.

We developed our Niche Domain registration website purely so we could better serve our clients by having direct access to help them purchase domain names, register the business details and connect the domains directly to their ownership and managment. But the main idea was to have direct access to support them through one system when we develop the business websites.


A niche domain is a domain name that is specifically related to your website and product or service. Domain names are the web address where people go to find your site. A good domain name is memorable, easy to spell and easy to type. Some examples of niche domains are: – A travel agency could have the domain – A financial advice website could have the domain – A tech blog could have the domain – A yoga studio could have the domain These domain names are more specific than a generic domain name like or By choosing a more specific domain name, you’re helping people who are looking for your website find it more easily.

“Maybe its worth being a little different” 

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