Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have noted commonly asked questions by clients over the decades in business. If there is something else, contact us directly, we will be happy to provide a qualified answer.

We keep it simple, we use processes and where it is practical we can sort it for you, all you need provide us is your details (name, business name and address, contact details and ABN). *Holding pages (or simple starter web-pages) for those who need a quick starter presence online, can be live in under 48 hours from deposit – dependant on the current workload of our studio.

The cost of a website depends on various needs of the business, just like the cost of anything you invest in we need to scope it. Our website developments generally start at $4,000 (+ Annual Hosting and your chosen Website Care Plan ) for a small business website depending on your specific requirements. 

We like to spend at least 6 - 12 weeks on a small business website which allows us to go through processes like our discovery meetings, sitemap structures, prototype and creative design development stages. The discovery meetings provide us with valuable insight into you, your business direction and goals, allowing us to consult on best methods to achieve those goals using your website as the most valuable tool for online digital marketing strategies.

Yes, all websites are developed with a focus towards mobile, and larger screens.

To get started… all you need is to provide us with your contact details, business address and your ABN.

You will need a domain name (the address and account allowing your ownership and control of this digital asset; we can organise this on your behalf through our registry website – Niche Domains. You will need website hosting (i.e. where the files which make up your website live and are accessed.), again we can organise this on your behalf through our hosting services.

It’s basically as it sounds, its software that allows you to manage and maintain content on your website. Our chosen CMS platform, WordPress is the most highly used, and supported platform on the planet (Google it) and we use premium plugin software to make it even easier to maintain their content using “click to edit” and “drag and drop” functionality.

A domain name is the first of two key items that all websites require to exist, and to put it simply as possible; “it’s your online address” within the World Wide Web; compare it to the physical address that you may give clients to find your business in the real world.

Technically: we think of it as a digital business name, like your annual business name registration that requires ongoing renewals through a regulated registry.


Website hosting is the second of two key items that all websites require to exist, and to put it simply as possible; “it’s your online location” within the World Wide Web. Compare it to the physical building that houses your business in the real world.

Technically: it is a digital space that is rented on a server that stores the files that make up your website.

Yep, sure do, as a graphic designer, Cain Lazenby’s passion is to take the full journey with businesses. Developing their brand to make a strong message with consistency, and exposure to value that represents the business. There is pretty much been no promotional media space Cain hasn’t worked in over the past 20+ years in business.

No, we find that clients are generally quite willing to provide at least the base copy, and we are of the thinking that this is the best place to start. “Who knows your business like you do?” – we can make suggestions on where you should start.

We can make some recommendations to professionals in this area but again they generally will require at least an in-depth interview and a clear outline; specifically text content for your web pages. We are also happy to work directly with your nominated copywriter.

Yes we can help, yes we use it, and yes its powerful and you should be using it!

Email Marketing is widely known as one of the most practical/powerful digital marketing methods. Put simply, it is about building email lists which will then allow you a clear path to market your products and services back to be people who have joined your list – they already have an interest!

“Email lists are super powerful if you are providing content of value to your users, it’s also the best way to stay front of mind to those customers and keep them educated on your services offered.”

Yes, we can provide “one on one” training charged by the hour. We will provide easy access to online resources with “how to videos” and more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – its all about making your business more visible to Google and other search engines, not just your website but all your digital channels need to be aligned. SEO is a very specialised area that we offer, and manage on the client’s behalf to achieve best results possible – this service requires a discovery session for setting expectations, education and defining your goals.

We do not currently offer SMM as service (Social Media Marketing) – we can offer some advice and help to get you set up and started.
We are developing a program where we partner with the business and have regular meetings/hookups to source content of value which aligns with the business goals to bring the right content to your users – BUT, this simply isn’t ready, sorry