Niche Ignite build mobile responsive & creative websites that inspire confidence.  Whether you’re a solo operator or multi-national, your website’s FIRST IMPRESSION is everything. It carries your customers’ expectations on service & quality.

Global Reach

Niche Ignite with its firm focus on business brand development and web-based technologies for marketing. Browse the websites designed developed by Niche Ignite for clients globally.

Your website should be your centerpiece to all online marketing. Its fundamental to your leads, promotions and for creating awareness to your social channels.

Invest in a smart socially integrated website for the future of your business.

Proven Process

Engaging Niche Ignite is not just about getting a web design agency to build a website. You’re getting the whole team of experts with years’ experience in helping businesses grow! We’re part of your team.

We’re all about long-term relationships & consistent results. 

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1. Discovery

Where we can and it’s practical? We like to meet in person and run through a basic set of questions to gain a clear picture of what you need, your goals, and what you aim to achieve for the short and long term, relative to the current business status and future goals.

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2. Sitemap

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll build a visual sitemap so we can all get on the same page quite literally with the structures of menus and pages required from our initial discovery session.
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3. Visual Prototype

Once we have a clear picture in our minds of your website with regard to content and its structure, we can then create a visual to present back to you as a barebones clickable prototype. This allows us to align ourselves as we partner in the future of your online communication and digital business presence.
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4. Visual Creative

This is where we get the visual creativity happening aiming at enticing customers with eye candy and punchlines. Our graphic designers will breathe life into the prototype with a real focus on your brand identity, colours, images, fonts, creating a clear and consistent online asset to couple with your other marketing media.
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5. Launch

Here we settle down with any visual refinements, optimisations, run our tests and make sure ends meet, then deploy your website high into the hosting tower accessible to the worldwide audience to look in awe! After launch, stay in contact with regular discovery sessions and continue the journey, set bigger goals, keep the team spirit alive.
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6. Help

Need some ongoing help, just ask! We have a number of monthly plans which can fulfill the needs of your online promotions. One of our popular support plan solutions is the website care plan to make sure your website security is watched, website is backed up regularly and much more.

Testimonials / Reviews

In Site – Feedback

You can’t afford to not read our reviews, testimonials and feedback by those who have used Niche Ignite. Hear in their words as they recount how we listened to them, brought out their best results with our systems, graphic design and website services!

Google My Business

More reviews are on our Google My Business listing. Please note: We have no control over who or what is said on the Google My Business platform. 

Websites Launched

Brand Identity

Niche Ignite has a value-add reputation when it comes to logos, branding and identity. We design for local, national and international.

“The proof is in the pudding”

Web Development

We specialise in WordPress… the software has the majority market; the plugins to achieve  almost every client request; and as the business scales…

“The decision is easy”

Website Care Plans

Our client tell us “we don’t want to learn that, we just want it done!” – so for those clients who don’t want to manage the day to day tasks of successful websites…

“Choose your own plan”

Social Media

integration of SM with your website, coupled with consistency of relevant content, will allow you to reach further and attract more leads.

“Open all channels”


Search Engine Optimisation; this is a specialist area!

Our SEO specialist through a discovery session will define your goals and create a strategy for longevity.

“Leave it to the specialist”


Social Media Management;
Is a team effort service that requires regular catch-ups to pull authentic content from you. We can manage the delivery and results.

“Team up for authenticity”