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We are fuelled with the knowledge, empowered by the software and equipped with the strategies to achieve business success.

Specialising in Brand Creation & the WordPress CMS website platform.

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We partner with passionate business owners who are aware of today’s digital landscape but simply require help & clarity.

Our Specialities

We specialise in creating logos, brands, and developing smart, socially integrated websites with the WordPress CMS platform to maximise your leads.

Website Condiments!

We also provide monthly, care plans as a service to help your business website stay alive, active; so you don’t have to employ or learn the tech-savvy stuff!

Sounds good?

If the above 3 key points seem good to you, its time to call.
It would also be a good idea to review our; “ Are we a good fit? ” page, to see if our goals for your business are aligned.

Why? WordPress

We have worked with various CMS website platforms in parallel to WordPress for decades and in our opinion, the others haven’t stayed supportive of modern technologies/search engine trends/social media integrations, and a big one; usability for our clients to maintain and drive their own website.

WordPress has evolved, extended and proven themselves as the leaders in the online space (just google the comparative figures, or click the link below) they aren’t going anywhere with numbers like that.

“If you are looking for anything other than a WordPress website for your online marketing platform and business success, you’re at the wrong agency. We’ve done the research and our path is set”

*We are not affiliated with WordPress in any way,
it’s simply a business decision we have made to specialise in the one platform we have confidence in.

Designers & Developers

A beautifully designed, responsive website is only half the story… Great branding, a scalable business website, the right channels & connections. These are our core business offerings.

Brand Identity

Niche Ignite has a value-add reputation when it comes to logos, branding and identity. We design for local, national and international.

“The proof is in the pudding”

Web Development

We specialise in WordPress… the software has the majority market; the plugins to achieve  almost every client request; and as the business scales…

“The decision is easy”

Website Care Plans

Our client tell us “we don’t want to learn that, we just want it done!” – so for those clients who don’t want to manage the day to day tasks of successful websites…

“Choose your own plan”

Social Media

integration of SM with your website, coupled with consistency of relevant content, will allow you to reach further and attract more leads.

“Open all channels”


Search Engine Optimisation; this is a specialist area!

Our SEO specialist through a discovery session will define your goals and create a strategy for longevity.

“Leave it to the specialist”


Social Media Management;
Is a team effort service that requires regular catch-ups to pull authentic content from you. We can manage the delivery and results.

“Team up for authenticity”

A taste of whats on offer

Visuals come first (90% visual beings) and first impressions are created quickly (50 milliseconds). We are super conscious of the visual importance and we love creating perfection of strong brands.

That said; your visitors may have never heard of you or seen your brand, for this, you will need whats under the hood organised well and specific to your needs, like whatever lead you here today.

“The consistency of strong branding, coupled with the right technology connections
and people; will bring success.”

Brand Design & WordPress Website specialists

Like most business owners, you are probably distracted and overwhelmed by the possibilities of doing business online? It is true that the Internet is a game-changing tool for collecting leads, attracting customers, growing a business, finding staff, providing awesome customer service and building communities.
It is also true that most fail dismally in online ventures.
So as free advice, here are five things you can do in the next week to get the needle moving in the right direction.

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