Are we a good fit?

You MUST surf, or have surfed before… Just Kidding! 🙂
Below are a few terms we like all new clients to review – we loathe wasting time”

Before we begin

Are you truly invested in your business success?

You must have goals

If you’re in business, then you have goals, right?

If you don’t have goals yet, then you will need to make some before we meet; or at least be willing to define these clearly before we begin strategies.

Do you have fire?

To build any successful business takes fire, drive and an invested heart and vision for the future of your business.

You’ll need to be a team player in your digital marketing channels. You must be willing to deliver on tasks that are core to your message via content, questions, and answers.

We are here to consult, streamline and support. We are on your team as long as you are a team player and its a two way street to the success of your business website and digital channels we help with.

Invest online

If you truly want to succeed, you need to spend some dollars. It’s that simple!

You’re in business; and this is an investment. Be realistic with short and long-term goals directly relative to investment; specifically time and money.

We truly want to help all driven business owners and we will deliver and support where needed, but you too need to remain a team player by delivering on all suggested/agreed tasks that you are capable of doing for your business. If you don’t agree with this? we are not a good fit!

Build an audience

There are lots of ways to build an audience online but some ways are more powerful than others. The most powerful are; blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking and educating. You need to be at least open to one of these to have any real success in today’s market. You also need an audience, and to build it, we will help you.

Time and team

We all value our own time, so if you don’t have time? or the internal people to follow through on all suggested tasks that we agree on for driving success in your online business, then you will need to put people in place now. You are going to need help.

It could mean a virtual assistant or paying someone for a couple hours a week.

Committed team player

As outlined several times above, this is teamwork! Nobody knows your business like you do. Tell us. We will listen, we listen hard and we expect the same back.

“We will hold you accountable to do your part.”

If this sounds good to you?

Proceed to the website worksheet and let’s begin.