5 Reasons Why Your School Needs a Website

A dynamic website, intelligently constructed, provides its visitors immediate access to key information.

We are dependent on the internet when searching for information. A website is the best opportunity for schools to introduce themselves, show what they are all about. To their students and parents and additionally promotes the school to potential new students and families.

Providing key information and curriculum, school websites enable schools to directly engage with their current and prospective students and parents.

So, why should a school have its own website?

1. It’s a platform to show off your school.

A school website provides a platform allowing you to share your mission, visions, environment and various programs that may set you apart from others.

2. It keeps your students and parents updated.

In the age of mobile devices where more than 80% of internet users own smartphones and spends many hours a day browsing their phones & tablets, the simplest way to reach them is through a mobile designed and formatted website. It’s more effective than posting notices on bulletin boards or sending paper notices and newsletters that are often overlooked or unread!

3. It creates a strong bond between the school’s students, teachers, and the community.

An intuitive website provides an avenue to receive feedback. Feedback is invaluable as it can highlight issues, extend your knowledge and interaction with every part of your school and community. It is the conduit for ongoing improvement . Your interactive website ensures your school is open and approachable. When you have a way to quickly address parent’s questions( and answer new prospective, school parents), it increases trust in the calibre of the school.

4. It increases your school’s credibility.

Having a modern and up-to-date school website gives parents an assurance that they have put their children in a school that the will provide the best education and preparation for the future. Investing your time and resources to provide an informative, functional school website shows current and prospective parents that you are up-to-date; value technology and information; and the quality that you showcase through your website can translate to the quality of the expertise and education you will provide to their children.

5. It increases your school’s competitive advantage.

Parents nowadays are choosy about where to send their children and having a modern school website with comprehensive information shows that your school is transparent and can be trusted. Even if you have great teachers, and the amazing facilities… if you don’t have a website that presents you at your best, you will appear behind and outdated.

If you are currently planning your school website, you should read our article wherein we shared 5 factors to consider when choosing a school website provider or email us at team@nicheignite.com and we’ll gladly help you plan for your school website.

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