Businesses register their .au Domain to help stop fraud

Australian Government Cyber Security Centre recommends businesses register their .au Domain Name to help stop fraud

From September 20th 2022, anyone with an Australian presence (including businesses, organisations and individuals – No ABN required) can now register a new category of domain name, known as .au direct

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is recommending that all businesses and organisations with an existing or domain name seriously consider registering their .au direct domain name variant.

The ACSC has issued a statement outlining the reasons behind its recommendation, which includes:

“This new option for domain names creates opportunities for businesses, organisations and individuals, however, could also provide another opportunity for cybercriminals, such as by facilitating fraudulent activity like business email compromise. For example, by registering where you have already registered in order to impersonate your business.”

If you accept online payments or sell products via ecommerce, it’s important to protect your customers from possible fraudulent activity like phishing which could involve your business name.

For more information on the ACSC’s recommendations and how they may impact you, please visit their website here:

For recent post by ABC News:

Niche Ignite will help you secure your .au direct domain name to avoid any chance of a fraudulent operator from impersonating your business and scamming your customers.

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