Devonport City Council

Brief : Devonport City Council needed a full rebuild and migration of content for this larger organisation website. The new website must be easier for Staff to maintain, users to navigate their way to all content on both PC and mobile. I number of productive features to be built into the back-end allowing for online payments, advanced form, auto-image optimisation, events manager, media manager, custom post types, premium security and so on… A massive job, but a great project to set us in a new league.
Approach : We started off the process by providing the DCC’s Deputy General Manager with the Niche Ignite website worksheet, had a number of meetings in competition with other website development agency’s, and as a team effort working directly with DCC team we extracted the core needs of this advanced rebuild. We had several follow-up discovery session and then training sessions during development and after going live.
Jeffrey Griffith - Devonport City Council
Outcome : Devonport City Council and Niche Ignite formed a strong partnership to deliver 7 new websites over a 15 month period. It was a complex project that required the full team to work together to deliver the best outcome. The team at Niche Ignite had the skills, experience and drive to develop quality websites that are making a positive impact for the Devonport community. We greatly appreciate their customer service focus, attention to detail and development skills.
Jeffrey Griffith
Devonport City Council

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