Adobe Business Catalyst

End of life announcement; 26 March 2021

Time is ran out!

ADOBE: End of life announcement
26 March 2021

This year 2020 is the last year for Adobe Business Catalyst websites, so if you plan to have a business website for next year 2021 that you can move forward with you need to make plans for it now. If you want our help, or just want to know more – please do not leave it until the last minute – work needs to be scheduled and we don’t want to disappoint with any moves and in a bottle necking of workloads.

Niche Ignite will not be supporting BC websites in 2021 due to its End Date provided by Adobe is March 2021.

Most clients have moved to WordPress on our recommendation and so we can continue to provide website services to their businesses.

We saw the cracks, but didn’t expect this!

Below was published 2018 may –

“This decision by Adobe was a massive shock, Niche Ignite is very disappointed a company Adobe could simply pull the plug.”

Without knowing this announcement by Adobe Business Catalyst (ABC) was coming, Niche Ignite made the decision a few years ago to stop creating new websites on the ABC platform. This was due to continuing support issues, and the massive lack of system upgrades to stay current with software, and marketing trends. BUT, we never thought they could do this.

Niche Ignite’s new path is set

We have been developing websites with WordPress for the last decade but our main focus was always towards Adobe Business Catalyst. We have streamlined our business methods, systems and have a clear path set for all new work ahead of us.

WordPress, easy choice.

WordPress has been breaking new ground and surpassing others with their online community driven CMS – not just a blog anymore! Now with a majority share of all websites on the net today, with better security, more powerful plugins, and amazing page builders that are absolutely amazing (and mobile-friendly) – a clear winner for us, to help any clients online. 

Why WordPress – key points?

  • It’s not going anywhere!
  • Massive community and online resources
  • Ticks every box we have with the flexibility to scale
  • We can host, back it up, support it, and move it!
  • Plugins, integrations and add-ons for almost any business needs
  • More control for us to support our client requests
  • Much simpler client controls for editing and maintains their own website content
  • Exciting things to do with converting a website into a mobile app on the horizon
  • The list goes on…

Is there a replacement to migrate over to?

Yes, buts its still in development, a few of the bigger companies who were using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform have created a new and improved version of ABC which does look quite slick and addresses a lot of the other floors of ABC, but Niche Ignite’s path is set, we simply don’t want to be put in this position again and research tells us that WordPress isn’t going anywhere plus the fact that we are loving it, and we know our clients will love the new page builders.

Your Decision

Of course, we want to continue to work with you and your business. We are genuinely excited about WordPress and what we have been doing for other clients with it. The WordPress platform is so diverse in its capabilities now that we are amazed at each new challenge clients put to us. I encourage you to see the long list of integrations; just google your chosen accounting or CRM software and “WordPress” together and its pretty likely there is an integration to make your business more productive.

That said; it’s your decision, I’ll provide a free assessment for those interested in moving to a WordPress Solution, but we are also happy to have a conversation about other alternatives that you are considering, I’ll be honest, and respect your position whatever you decide if you choose another path or decide to wait it out until Adobe’s closure.

“We have listed some options below as suggestions to help you have a clear idea of what we think are valid choices based on Adobe closing the software.”

1) Rebuild On WordPress with Niche Ignite

We are committed to meeting with any client wishing to discuss a move to WordPress.

The meeting will start, with just 3 key questions;

  1. What you have but don’t use on the existing website?
  2. What you have and do use on the existing website?
  3. New features or integrations you may want to be combined in with a rebuild?

Due to our existing working relationships and knowledge with clients and their businesses, and with the above few questions answered, we will be able to create a transition scope, a realistic practical timeline ABC hosting and an estimated budget within a formal proposal.

You can start our review process here today. Just complete our short application which is based on the three questions above.

2) Rebuild with another developer

On your request, we will respectfully provide you/employees with access to the platform where needed.

We are happy to discuss your digital resources and provision of this in the most practical format for the transition.

3) Continue until ABC demise 

You have over 2 years that you will be able to continue with Adobe – March 26th, 2021.

So, if you were gearing down you could simply continue as is and decide later. We will continue to help with any changes you need made, we are just not building new functionality or websites on a platform that is ending.