What is a website lead worth?

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Niche Leads

An estimation tool to help define the value of a lead.


    What is one customer/client/lead worth to your business based on 'sales' before all expenses, taxes are taken out?
  • Best suited to Businesses that provide ongoing relationship services, for example; accountants.
  • One clients average SPEND per year for the service your business provides.
  • How many years on average does the customer stay using your services.
  • The above figures are a guide to figuring out your customer value over defined times; Monthly, Annually and Lifetime of the customer relationship

    The website brings the estimated value below through your website, calculated on the figures you have included above and below.
  • Through website-related contacts or enquiries.
  • Based on the 'Life of customer relationship (years)' you defined above.
  • These figures aim to guide you on what value your website is currently bringing through to your business.

    BE REALISTIC, we can help you get more leads but you still need to convert them into clients.
  • Based on the 'Life of customer relationship (years)' you defined above.
  • The results above are calculated on a 12 month period at whatever conversion rate you defined. *Please note it does not take into account staggered months for the 'LIFE Value' figures.
  • Marketing Allocation

    Marketing budgets for many small businesses are suggested to be between 8 - 12% gross. We have set a default conservative value of 8% below in our calculations.
  • Adjust to suit your business segment.
  • This uses your gross annual income provided and applies the 'Percentage Budget' that you included.
  • Have a think about this;

    1. Actual Vs Potential - Consider realistic goals and the 'Potential Value' estimated which could bring more leads into your business - compared with what you are currently doing now and the 'Actual Leads' you have brought in over the last 12 months.
    2. Marketing Allocation - how much of this overall budget will you be prepared to allocate to your website's SEO Strategy, and Social Marketing.
    3. Get Help - With some of our clients, we have increased traffic, improved visibility within the search engines for clients, with more leads/enquiries (the business still has to convert those leads) comes more potential customers.

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