Design & Development

Over the past 25+ years, Niche Ignite has established a reputation for logo and brand development, take a look below to see for yourself.

Undeniable Reputation

Niche Ignite has a strong reputation for specialising in logo design. Browse the logos here designed by Niche Ignite for clients globally.

Your logo is the backbone of your business image (Brand) and really needs to be thought through. Its fundamental to promotional activity and future growth so give it the professional time it deserves.

Proven Process


Ideas via a consultation with Niche Ignite, guided by a questionnaire. A brief is generated which becomes the foundation of your logo design.


Your designer will then brainstorm, sketch ideas choosing three approaches which best fits the client’s needs then proof the client.


The chosen concept is further developed into 3 different variations, based on the feedback at the design stage.


Your chosen logo version is developed into common file formats to be used commercially and in-house. 

Logos Designed

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Business Logos

Recent studies on logo design and how we work directly with our clients.

We worked with Gavin directly starting with the rebrand of business name, and onto the logo development.

We worked with Peter and the company’s key stakeholders, over several months refining fonts, altering linework approaches, playing with colour and landscape elements. Multiple proofing stages resulted in the final design which can be seen publicly at large scale on their multiple locations on the north west coast of Tasmania.

We worked with Grant over several months to arrive at the design which is now used extensively across all media.

Style Guide

A professional logo designer will provide a ‘Logo Style Guide Document‘ as part of the development process.

This document includes information to protect you and your brand from misuse. The document states colour code references; ex. spot colour, process colour and screen colour codes, fonts and other designer recommendations.  This information document aims to keep your overall brand consistent with the overall business image. Clients quickly realise the value of this crucial file when sending a logo to contractors outside of their business, for example, sign writers, commercial printers, website developers, for use by other associates or in events media.

It is important to also maintain use of the document internally by your staff so in-house documents and presentations remain consistent with your brand exposure.